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Protect your orchards and vineyards from birds and the elements with our variety of drape netting solutions

Specially designed to protect fruit from unexpected hail storms and from the harsh Western Cape sun during summer

Secure your farm against intruders or to demarcate certain areas for rotational farming purposes with our attractive fencing solutions

Proplast Nett offers onsite building and construction services which are often required to accommodate the rest of our services provided

Watch our professional drape net team in action here below:

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Founded in 2006 as S.V.R. Tree Services by Stephan Van Rensburg so as to offer bespoke services to the agricultural and production sectors of the Elgin Valley region. Today the company is comprised of 30 staff members and is successfully managed by Stephan Van Rensburg.

What we offer :

  • Cost effective crop protection solutions
  • Strict manufacturing and installation processes
  • Extensive product knowledge and expertise
  • On site evaluation
  • Extensive after-sales support service
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